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Tonic prides itself on customer care. Each new customer will be asked to complete a skin sensitivity check. This enables us to give you the best advice in order to meet your tanning requirements.

Europes most advanced tanning technology. We provide stand-up and laydown sunbeds and offer a full consultation to determine your skin type and develop a tanning schedule suitable for you. Courses are available with huge savings and are valid for 1 year. Not only do we stock a large range of indoor tanning creams, we also advise on outdoor tanning and stock a range of accelerators and sunscreen products.

We follow the strictest Health and Safety guidelines and have been checked by The Sunbed Association. Our lamps are cleaned, tested and replaced regularly, ensuring the best possible results. Our tanning units do not start until you are ready to enter, so there is no need to rush. Our fully qualified team are here to advise on all aspects of tanning and beauty treatments. Their aim is to ensure your visit is an enjoyable experience.

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Why should I use a cream on the sunbed?

It is highly recommended to use one of the creams on offer as it will enhance your tan. With scientific tan boosting ingredients, not only do they keep your skin moisturised but they can increase your tanning power by as much as 60%.

Which is better - the standup or laydown sunbed?

There is no difference with our sunbeds. The strength is determined by using good tubes and replacing them regularly. Some people say that standups are better, however, the truth is that they are cheaper to buy and take up half the space of a laydown. Some salons don't even have laydowns. It's simply a personal choice on whether you prefer to standup or laydown - Tonic offers that choice!

How long will it take to get a tan?

Some people tan much quicker than others but when building a tan it is recommended to use the sunbed three times a week, preferably leaving a day between sessions, for four consecutive weeks. When you have the tan you are looking for, it should be OK to come in just once a week.

Should I use eye protection?

Yes. Wink-ease and goggles are available to all customers. We also suggest that you remove any contact lenses and keep your eyes closed.

Sometimes the sunbeds feel hotter than other days – does this affect my tan?

The heat of the sunbed makes no difference to your tan. Our units start tanning as soon as they are turned on. The beds have powerful cooling fans for a comfortable environment.

How does the skin tan?

When skin is exposed to ultra-violet B light, cells called melanocytes in the deeper dermis layer of the skin produce increased amounts of melanin, the tanning pigment, this is then transferred to the top layer of skin, the epidermis. Ultra-violet A then acts upon the melanin near the surface by oxidising it. This turns the melanin brown and creates what we know as a tan. This process does not happen immediately, generally only four to six hours after the tanning session.

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