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If you have not got the time to get a natural tan or you are one of those people that just does not tan easily, then spray tan might be the perfect solution for you!

California Tan offers you all the great advantages of a quick and beautiful sunless tan, and helps you care for your skin with alcohol-free premium skincare ingredients!
This quick-reference guide will give you all the pointers you need for that beautiful, golden-brown, ‘just returned from the tropics’ tan!


California Spray Tan



Exfoliate your skin spending a little extra time on knees, elbows, feet and hands.
Shave or Wax at least 6 hours before your sunless tanning session.
Do NOT moisturise skin at least two hours prior to your spray tanning session. Lotions can create a barrier, preventing the absorption of the spray tanning solution.
It's best not to wear makeup.
Wear dark underwear and loose fitting clothes.
Spray solution washes out of most clothing, but the immediate cosmetic bronzer could wipe off on lighter clothes, giving a temporary appearance of discolouration.


Wait a minimum of 6 hours before you shower as this will allow time for the self-tanning reaction to occur in the skin.
Leave overnight for best results.
Do not moisturise until after your first shower. This could effect the immediate reaction of the spray solution on the skin causing streaking.
Do not swim after your spray tan session.
Immediate contact with water, chlorine and salt water could effect the immediate reaction of the spray solution. Also, keep in mind the chlorine and salt water may dry your skin and cause your sunless tan to fade faster.
Wait at least 6 hours before you exercise.
Excessive perspiration could effect the immediate reaction of the spray solution.
Don't worry if you see colour washing off from your first shower - this is normal. What you see washing off is the immediate cosmetic bronzer. What is left behind is a beautiful, spray tan.
Spray tans generally last for between 5-10 days.
For best results purchase the California Tan starter pouch. This contains everything you need in order to prepare for a spray tan and also contains products to help your spray tan last longer.
We also stock self-tanners for you to purchase and apply at home.